The purpose of this ministry is to provide a Christ-like, safe, structured atmosphere for orphaned and poor Hindu and Muslim children. The director, John Mathew and his staff are intentional in sharing the story of Jesus through bible study, prayer, singing and preaching. There is a 90% success rate of children accepting Christ and being baptized.

The children ranging in age from 4-18 operate as one big family. They eat, sleep, clean, work, and worship together. The older girls help with assigned chores and help the younger children with daily needs such as bathing, clothes washing, meal prep and chores.

All children walk two miles to and from school, while the older ones are matched with a younger one. They have to walk through a village, but the locals watch after them and make sure they are not harmed.

Many of the girls dream of becoming a nurse or doctor. Both of these positions are highly employable in this culture. The life of these children is filled with structure, love and the Holy Spirit. Many of the children shared they are filled with hope and happiness.

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  • Joint venture with Bethany Children’s Home in Kerala, India
  • Hopeful Hearts provides support for 150 Children (145 girls and 5 boys) Ages 4-18 years old
  • All children walk 2 miles each way to a public school
  • Meals are prepared by cooks, but children serve and clean
  • Clothes are washed by children at rock stations with water raised from the well. The older children help the younger ones.
  • The property supports 8 cows, 3 goats, ducks and chickens.
  • Plus they grow bananas, tapioca, coffee, pineapple, coconut and spices.